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Region Krasnodar, Novorossiysk

Survey services

Services provided by Marine Service Bureau — Novorossiysk include but are not limited to the following categories of marine survey:

Ship Survey

The company conducts a broad range of ship surveys such as: bunker survey, draught survey,  hatch covers water tightness hose test, on/off-hire, condition and pre-purchase surveys, Hull & Machinery as well as evaluations for prospective buyers and sellers.

Cargo survey

Types of cargo surveys performed: Cargo condition survey, pre-shipment survey, tally, weighing, volume measurement, supervision during loading or discharging or during container stuffing-stripping, etc.

Damage survey

Damage inspection of variety of cargoes, including investigations of the causes and extent of damage.


Tel: +7 (8617) 69-20-79

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